Hong Kong Protestors Lie About Protestor Numbers

How many protestors were there on the streets of Hong Kong on June 16, 2019? Protestors claim that there were two million people, and this figure was corroborated by all major media outlets in the West. Bloomberg printed the following headline: As Many as Two Million Protesters Hit Hong Kong Streets. The police claimed 340,000.

Two million is a lot of people. Hong Kong’s population sits at 7.4 million, and this includes all the babies and seniors who can’t participate. But let’s toss common sense aside and just focus on the facts. The fact is that the police gave one estimate, and protestors gave another, and we didn’t have an unbiased third party to evaluate their figures.

There was another divergence in protestor estimates for the July 1 march. Hong Kong protestors claimed that there were 550,000 people on the streets and the police claimed 190,000. Fortunately for us, Reuters performed an independent study this time, whose results suggested that the protestors grossly overstated the amount of people at the march.

Reuter’s final count? 227,000.

So it is clear that the protestors lied about the July 1 march while the police was roughly in line with Reuter’s independent investigation.

Based on the above, we can safely assume that protestors are extremely likely to significantly overstate the number of protestors. Why? Because it benefits the narrative. Two hundred thousand people just doesn’t have the same ring to it as two million.

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