Some nations choose to give their citizens unlimited freedom, some choose to restrict it. Some failed, and some succeeded. But Western media would have one believe that there is one way, a right way.

The truth is that politics are complicated, and there is no “right” way. It is a complex system of trade offs. You cannot have freedom without the freedom to manipulate, and you cannot ensure stability without censorship.

Western media and their associates have persistently provided one-sided stories about the ongoing protest in Hong Kong, as is their right under the rule of law in their respective countries. This blog utilizes the same freedom, and this freedom shall be used to reveal Western propaganda and paint a one-sided story about the protestors.

I hope that this blog accomplishes one goal: that people will wake up and see that manipulation is everywhere, no matter where you are. Accept it as the truth, and as Tyrion said: Wear it Like Armor and it Can Never Be Used to Hurt You.